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Food Review: Creamistry Ice Cream

Food Review: Creamistry Ice Cream

The most creative Ice cream place I have ever seen.

When my family was in Arizona we stumbled upon an ice cream place called Creamistry. I had heard of it before but I had never actually seen one. At Creamistry they make ice cream with liquid nitrogen as you order it. 

The ordering Process can be a little bit confusing. They say you you do it in 3 steps (which you do) but at first my family did not understand how the menu worked. The employees at the store helped us understand how it all worked. 

 First you pick your base, this is what the flavor is added to. The options are Signature (the traditional creamy base), Organic, Coconut (a good dairy free option) and sorbet (another dairy free option). My family went twice in 2 days and both times we all got the signature base. It was significantly creamier than we expected it to be. It was also super dense, the ice cream almost reminded me of frosting. Something to note is that the only base that says it is Gluten Free is the Coconut one but I checked and really all the bases are Gluten Free. 

Second you pick your flavor. They have so many different flavors it was hard to choose from. My sister got the Cookies and Cream both times and she said it was really good. I got the Nutella the first time which was really good and tasted like a frosting version of Nutella. I will say that you have to really like Nutella to enjoy this flavor (I do). The second time I decided to go out of the box and try the Fruity Pebbles flavor (like the cereal). It was surprisinly really good. It tasted exactly like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles with milk. They make it with the actual Fruity Pebbles cereal. There is really a flavor for everyone. I recommend that you branch out and try something new.

The third and final step is to pick your toppings and sauces. Once again they have any different toppings and sauces so there will be something for everyone. My sister got cookie dough on her cookies and cream while I got fresh sliced banana on my Nutella Ice cream. A note of caution for the toppings in that each topping is an extra dollar. Also they just kinda dump or pour the topping(s) on the ice cream and whatever stays on is what you get (with the exception of the fresh fruit). This means they you might get a very minimal amount of a topping or you might get a lot; it just depends on the topping. The sauces they will drizzle over the top of you ice cream. 

The main cons of Creamistry was you are not able to try flavors so once you pick you flavor that is it. This made it slightly more difficult for me to pick a flavor. The other main downside to it is that it is really expensive. It was about $30 for my whole family (of 4) to get ice cream.

Overall I would say it is worth going at least once to get the experience and try it. It is expensive but it is also better than I was expecting it to be. Going in I thought that it was going to be more for the experience than the ice cream. Also when I ordered I got the kids size and it was plenty for me because the ice cream is super dense and filling. Creamistry is all over the US and if you live in Dallas there is one right on Belt Line road in Addison that just recently opened. If you do not live in Dallas I would check the website to see where the nearest one to you is. 


On  e of the mixers they use to make the ice cream.

One of the mixers they use to make the ice cream.


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