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Birthday Present Ideas for Your Best Friend: Girl Edition

Birthday Present Ideas for Your Best Friend: Girl Edition

Everyone at one point or another has not known what to get their best friend for her birthday. It is a struggle to say the least. You never want to just get your best friend a gift card because that is what everyone else will get them. This is my list of favorite presents from you for your best friend.


- A memory box >> take a shoe box and cover the outside of it with photos of you and your best friend. On the inside of the lid write a letter and fill the box with memories or inside jokes you and your best friend have together. This can be in for form of more photos, memories written on paper, parts in inside jokes. Just get creative. You can also put in her favorite food or candy 

- 52 ** fill in the blank*** >> This is a very broad gift. the general idea is that you pick a theme to put on a deck of cards. Some ideas for themes are: 52 reasons we are best friends, 52 of my favorite memories, 52 things that remind me of you. To assemble it take a deck of cards and hole punch the top corner. Then on each card write or decorate the card according to your theme. A the end string them all together so they will never be lost. 

- Open When Cards >> Write cards to your friend for different situations. For example when they are happy, sad, tired, missing someone, need a hug, got good news, want food, etc. You can make as many or as few as you want. The only rules are that they can not open more than 2 per day, they can only open a card when it applies to them and when the card is open they have to write the date opened on the back. 

- All About You night >> Plan a night for just you and your best friend. This can be going out to dinner and a movie, just hanging out and getting ice cream or whatever they really like to do. 


- Filled Tumbler Cup >> Buy a cute tumbler cup and fill it with things your best friends loves. for example: candy, gift card to her favorite restaurant, a necklace, bracelet, or nail polish

- Spa Basket >> This is for the ultimate girly girl. Buy a cute bucket or basket and fill it with everything needed for a spa day. Including: a face mask/sheet mask, lotion, nail polish, nail file, hair brush, exfoliator and anything else you can think of. 

- Matching Jewelry >> This is also very broad but everyone likes different types of jewelry. Get you and your best friend matching necklaces or bracelets. This isn't the "best friends" plastic necklace you used yo get in lower school. It can be any type 

Over $50

- An activity together >> Is there a class or activity your best friend has always wanted to do? give them a birthday card with a voucher for a class or activity with you (that you will pay for). The price can range on this a lot depending on what they want to do. One year my friends did this for me and we went to a flying trapeze class. It was so much fun!! 

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