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Restaurant Review: Health Camp

Restaurant Review: Health Camp

When Bailey and I were waiting for our table at Magnolia Table (post linked below) we decided to kill some time and go to Health Camp because Bailey remembered going to it as a kid. It was in the same parking lot as Magnolia Table. We did not spend a lot of time there, But I thought it was worth reviewing.


The Vibe

I walked into this place 100% blind with ZERO expectations. All Bailey had told me was that she went here as a kid and they have been around forever. The inside definitely felt similar to a Burger House in Dallas, and it was definitely a neighborhood place. It was very small but most people inside seemed to know each other. It was a very homey vibe that you felt welcomed into.


The Milkshakes

Ok so I will start out by saying that I am EXTREMELY bias when it comes to milkshakes. I think the best milkshakes in the whole world are at Annie’s Parlor in Minneapolis, Minnesota (in Dinky Town), and I will compare all milkshakes I have to those. With that being said these milkshakes were good ,but they were not as good as Annie’s.

They have a million flavors of milkshakes. I decided to get chocolate banana (my favorite) and Bailey got s’mores. The chocolate banana had more of a banana taste than chocolate. This made it not as rich and I was able to have more of it. I should note that the banana take was more of an artificial banana taste. I know some people do not like that flavor, but I don’t mind it. Both milkshakes were too thick to drink from the straw, so we used spoons, and ate it more like ice cream. I personally like to be able to drink my milkshake through a straw, but I do not think this is a big deal at all. It’s just a random personal preference.


Overall Thoughts

I feel like I can not do a totally in-depth review on Health Camp because we only had their milkshakes, but I honestly do not think it is somewhere I would go just to get food. I will say however that it is a great place to hangout if you are waiting for a table at Magnolia Table because it is fast and inexpensive. Also, who doesn’t like dessert before lunch??

Comment below where your favorite milkshakes are from!!

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