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Travel Experience: Magnolia Silos

Travel Experience: Magnolia Silos

During our time in Waco, Texas Bailey and I spent the majority of our day at the Silos. This was really the main reason we traveled to Waco. Before going I had heard a lot about the Silos, but had not seen any photos of them. Just like the restaurant they were so much cuter than I was expecting. Bailey and I just wanted to take photos of everything we saw. We found countless adorable places to take photos.


Food Trucks

We went to the Silos after lunch and milkshakes thinking we could not eat anymore food. Little did we know there were food trucks. I will say right now that I have a few food weaknesses, but two of them are caramel apples and sweet tea. Of course there was a food truck dedicated to iced tea/sweet tea AND a food truck that only sold caramel apples. I was in heaven. Logically I got both because you only live once right??

Let me tell you both were amazing.

The sweet tea was from Alabama Sweet Tea and was the prefect amount of sweet. There was still a “tea” flavor to it, and it did not just taste like sugar water. The sweet tea came in a super cute mason jar with a reusable straw. The best part is that you get to take the mason jar and the straw home!! Bailey and I only bought one sweet tea because was plenty of tea to split between the two of us.

The caramel apple was also wonderful but very sweet. They cut the apple as you order it so there is no brown parts at all. Then they cover it in warm caramel. From there you can decided what toppings you want. We decided to only get chocolate drizzle. I can not describe how good this caramel apple was. Before I ordered the caramel apple Bailey and I were stuffed and thought we could not eat or drink anything else. Once we started eating it we could not stop. we finished the whole apple and all the caramel. I 10/10 recommend.


The stores

There are multiple stores all within the Silos. Some of the products in them overlap, but for the most part there are different things in each store. For Bailey and I what was a very interesting was how many different t-shirts they sold between all the stores. For each store there were different t-shirt designs. I know this is a super random thing to notice, but Bailey and I were joking about how you could make a whole new wardrobe out of all the t-shirts sold. Other than the shirts there were a whole bunch of different home decor pieces that all fit within Chip and Joanna’s style.


The Bakery

The bakery had a super long line but it was worth it.

The line wrapped around the building, but it only took about 30 mins. This is because as you were standing in line they gave you a card that had the menu on it. On this card you marked what you want. This made the process at the counter a lot smoother because you did not have people standing at checkout trying to decide what to order. The other nice thing this bakery did was they only let a certain amount of people in at once and as people came out they let more in. This was nice because it gave you space to wait for your order to be ready, and you didn’t feel like you were standing on top of people.

I ordered my family cupcakes and cookies and I ordered myself a gluten free cookie. My family said all of theirs were very good. My gluten free cookie was a vanilla shortbread cookie and it was so good. It did not taste like it was gluten free at all and it did not crumble apart like some other shortbread cookies I have tried before.


Overall Experience

Overall I had so much more fun at the Silos than I thought I would. everything was super charming and every person who worked there could not have been nicer. I think part of the fun part of it was that it was not in Dallas, but was close enough to do a day trip. Waco has a more country feel than Dallas does. Personally I thought the feeling of Waco made the Silos better. Bailey and I did not have enough time, but if you have extra time you can drive around Waco and see some of the properties Chip and Joanna have redone, which I think would have been a great addition to the day (We would have totally done it if we had time). I would 100% recommend people to go and spend the day there at least once if they have a chance.

Bailey and I at one of the picture prefect places around the Silos.

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