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Travel Photos: Nassau Bahamas

Travel Photos: Nassau Bahamas

For my senior Spring Break a group of 13 my friends and their families went to Nassau, Bahamas and stayed at the Baha Mar. This might have been the most fun family/friend trip I have ever been on. Going into the trip I was not close with all the girls going, but by the end of the trip I felt closer to every girl there.

Every trip I go on I try to make at least one new friend (somehow most of the time ends up being someone else from Dallas). This trip was no different. Most of the other high school seniors were from either from Austin, Houston, or Dallas. I was expecting other kids to be at Baha Mar, but I was not expecting the amount of high school seniors from Texas. This made the trip so much more fun because most of the other seniors were super open to meeting new people.

Side note: check out my very impressive burn lines

Beach Photoshoot Night:

Every year during senior spring break my school (and many others) do an all white or white and denim night. To be perfectly honest this is mainly just to take cute group photos, but over the years it has turned into a tradition.f

Friend Pics:

As I was going though all my photos from the trip I realized two things. The first one is that most of the photos I took with my friends were just really random photos of my friends that out of context would not make such sense. The second thing is that most of the photos I took with my friends (not taken by my dad) are with my friend Kylie.

Family Pics:

I would just like to thank my parents for allowing me to go on this trip and making my Senior Spring Break the best it could possibly be. I love y’all so much more than you will ever know!

Random Photos:

These are all random photos of my and the property we were on that did not really fit into a category.

Comment below what you are doing for Spring Break this year!! Are you going somewhere or just having a staycation?

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