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Restaurant Review: Magnolia Table

Restaurant Review: Magnolia Table

The other day was senior skip day and my best friend Bailey and I decided to go to Waco, Texas to go visit all of Chip and Joanna’s places. Our first stop was Magnolia Table. My favorite part of this restaurant how almost everything was farm to table.



I love Chip and Joanna and I have always heard how cute everything of theirs is in Waco, but I have never had an opportunity to actually go and visit. I really went not knowing what to expect location wise. I also did not know that the restaurant and Silos were not together — they are about 5-7 minutes apart. The location of the restaurant was not what I was expecting. It was right off the highway next to an old fashioned burger and milkshake place (look out for a post about that soon!!). Even though the restaurant was off the highway on a roundabout it was still so incredibly cute.



Just as I thought, everyone who worked at Magnolia Table were so nice and welcoming. Our waiter knew the menu very well and was able to answer any question we asked — including questions about food allergies. The food also came out very quickly. The most impressive part of the surface was how smoothly everything ran. There were so many costumers, but in no way shape or form was it chaotic or stressful.

One thing that I will note is that there can be a VERY long wait. I went on a Friday afternoon and the wait for 2 people was about an hour and a half. This is something to keep in mind when planning your breakfast or lunch at Magnolia Table. The staff realizes the wait can be very long, so while you are waiting for your table you can either sit in the outdoor area and get a cup of coffee, or you can leave the restaurant and come back when your table is ready (they will text you).



Before going to Magnolia Table I had heard a lot about their different juices and lemonades. My friend and I had wanted to try the Prickly Pear Lemonade, but sadly they were out. We both decided to get the “Fresh Face” juice. It is pomegranate, green apple, lemon and pear. You could defiantly taste the lemon and it was on the tart side, but I thought it was very refreshing. If you are more of a sweet drink person this might not be the drink for you.



Now this is what I was most excited about. I got the Simple Greens Salad. It was greens with chicken, pecans, dried cranberries, white cheddar with the house vinaigrette. I think the toppings to lettuce ratio was spot on, and all the flavors mixed very well together. The only thing I would change is to make sure the dressing is evenly covering the whole salad. I know this is such a tiny tiny thing. The only reason I said it is because most of my dressing was in the middle of the salad and not on any of the outside greens. Other than that the salad was prefect.


Final Thoughts

Overall I am very happy I was able to come to Magnolia Table. I think it is definitely more about the experience than the food (but the food was also very good), and I think it might be more enjoyable for people who are fans of Chip and Joanna. This is because you look around and realize you are physically in a place that people you watch on TV created. If you are traveling to Waco to make a whole day out of going to the Silos and everything (like we did) I think Magnolia table is a great addition to the day, but I am not sure if I would travel all the way to Waco for the sole purpose of going to Magnolia Table

This is me and my best friend Bailey.  Shout out to Bailey for helping me take photos in Waco!!

This is me and my best friend Bailey.

Shout out to Bailey for helping me take photos in Waco!!

Comment below if you have ever gone to Magnolia Table and what your thoughts were!!

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