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Restaurant Review: Birchwood Cafe

Restaurant Review: Birchwood Cafe

Birchwood is a super small town of 442 in northwestern Wisconsin. There are very few things in the town, but there is a small breakfast and lunch cafe called the Birchwood Cafe on Main Street. It is a staple of the town and I believe it is worth sharing. Recently my dad, friend Olivia and I went for brunch. Here are our thoughts on it.

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The Vibe

When you enter the cafe you will quickly notice it is Texas-themed. This is because the owner is originally from 30 minutes outside of Dallas. The whole cafe has a very small town feeling. Each wall is covered in decor. Ranging from Texas to cabin themed items. Since it is such a small town, everyone knows everyone and is super friendly when you walk in. There is a very wide age range of people at the Birchwood Cafe from high school kids to old couples. The Birchwood Cafe is also attached to the laundry mat, so many people will come over to grab breakfast as they are doing their laundry. In fact, there is an interior door that connects the two so you do not even have to walk outside to go between them.


The Service

The waiters at the Birchwood Cafe are a mixture of adults and high school-aged kids. Most of the servers have worked there a long time and know many of the regular customers. They are very friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have. Typically, once you order your food there is about a 20-minute wait before it comes out (could be longer if it is really busy). It is not a super quick grab and go place. It is more about sitting down and enjoying breakfast or brunch. I think part of this is because it is in a very small town. Personally, I really like this aspect of the Birchwood Cafe because it makes it feel homier and gives it that small-town feel.


The Food

For brunch all 3 of us got omelets and hash browns. Olivia and I got the sausage and cheese omelet and my dad got the ham and cheese omelet and added onions. The first thing you will notice about the omelets is the amount of cheese. Now I know we are in Wisconsin, the land of cheese, but there was an excessive amount of American cheese in the omelets. It was to the point where it felt like it was 1 part cheese to 1 part egg. While some people might like that much cheese in their omelets, all 3 of us thought that it was a little too much. I think part of the reason it was too much was because it was made with American cheese, so it gave the omelet a very sweet flavor. If you were to order an omelet I would ask for half the amount of cheese, so it is not so rich and overpowering.

If eggs are not your thing that is totally ok. My sister normally gets the pancakes and says they are great. One thing to note about the pancakes is that they are massive (the size of a dinner plate). So be aware when deciding how many pancakes you want to order.

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Overall Thoughts

Overall I do think the Birchwood Cafe is a good place to get breakfast or brunch if you want the feel of a small town with home-cooked food. By no means is it anything fancy, but it is a cute and homey place to eat. The only thing I would comment on is the amount of American cheese used in the omelets. The pricing is fair and the service is good. If you ever find yourself in or around Birchwood, Wisconsin stop on into the Birchwood Cafe and see for yourself what it is all about. Make sure you go in hungry because you will walk out extremely full.

Note: if you walk in wearing something Texas or UT themed the owner will probably come personally talk to you about the great state of Texas.

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