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Travel Experience: Country Lane Market

Travel Experience: Country Lane Market

My family has been coming to northwestern Wisconsin since I was a baby and just this year we learned about the Country Lane Market. It is a fabulous store in Barron, Wisconsin. On Thursdays they have a market from 2 - 8pm where vendors from all over the local area come. Every other day of the week there is a Mennonite store on the property. They have a variety of items from jewelry to cheese curds. We have been there twice now and there have been different vendors each time. Here is a snapshot of some of the items they had when I was there.



My friend Olivia and I discovered this super cute jewelry stand that sold these rings (along with many others). The crazy part is, each ring was only $1!! How crazy is that?! They are adorable and appear to be made well, so they won’t just fall apart after a few wears. I have been wearing the 2 rings I got since I bought them and I love them!

There are many other jewelry stands at the market. One of them was selling jewelry made out of spoons and spoon handles which was very unique, and was cuter than you would expect. There was another stand selling beaded bracelets. The vendors change all the time, but there are always jewelry vendors who have amazing deals!


Kettle Corn

Ok now this is something you can not miss. It is a big red tent and you can smell the fresh kettle corn from a mile away. When you buy the kettle corn it is still warm. My family got the large bag and it was only $7. Olivia and I carried around the bag calling it our popcorn baby because of how big it was.


Homemade Ice Cream

This ice cream is made right there and you can watch them make it. Olivia and I got 1 scoop of chocolate and 1 scoop of chocolate chip for $3. I am a big ice cream lover and this might be one of the creamiest ice creams I have ever had. I 100% recommend trying the ice cream while you are at the market.


Cheese Curds

These are hands down the best cheese curds I have ever had in my life. They are made right there and are extremely squeaky. If you are not from the Midwest or do not know, the best cheese curds are squeaky cheese curds. That is how you know they are fresh. I would recommend buying more than 1 bag because this bag did not even make it home.


Fresh Produce

You will not find better produce than the produce here. Not only is it super fresh and juicy, but it is extremely affordable. You can buy a small basket of zucchini (photo above) for $3. My family bought a large bucket of strawberries and ate them all in 1 day. They were the biggest, juiciest strawberries I have ever had. I love getting produce here because it is all grown on family farms, so you know where it came from and it is not full of chemicals. Any fruit or vegetable that is in season will be at the market, so stock up on all the fresh produce!!



Lastly, at the market there are a bunch of different types of plants. I have a love for succulents, so I was happy to see the huge variety. There were also beautiful flowers that my mom loved. The variety of colors and textures are something we love to have in our home.


Overall Thoughts

I honestly have nothing negative to say about this market. Every single person was nice and welcoming no matter who you were. You will see other Mennonite families shopping in the market, as well as people like me who have a cabin in the area and just want to see what the market is all about. I also love this market because everything is local and you are supporting family farms and businesses.

This list it not even close to everything there, but it is a start. There are other food trucks, homemade puzzles, knifes, fudge, and many other things. If you find yourself anywhere near the Country Lane Market please go check it out! you will not be disappointed!

Country Lane Market address: 1642 16th St, Barron, WI 54812

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